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  • The Equalizer

    Alabama’s less than stellar New Years performance left me in a less than stellar mood. When our football season is over, it flat out is.
    I love the wonderful expression “I was just beside myself.” That is pretty much where I was for most of January 2nd. Beside myself, or is it “besides my self.” I think the former.

    Anyway, I was just going through the motions for the better part of the day, and when I get that way, what I have to do, sooner or later, is push the refresh button and get back to being myself, as they say.

    What does it for me, these days, is an action movie. Once I watch it, I push the refresh button and pick up where I left off, before the ballgame started. I think it is one of Newton’s Laws.

    Coincidentally, I just read one of my friend’s FaceBook posts in which he (Leigh Montville) mentioned that he’d enjoyed The Equalizer, Denzel’s current movie.

    Now I happened to think that Denzel deserves an Oscar on an annual basis, just call his name, let him walk up there, hand him a statue, let him flash his world class smile, say a few offhand asides, and we can send his extraordinary ass off to make another fine film. Denz got my vote for Flight, a really cool, Oscar nominated effort, starring the coolest actor since Jack, Brando, or Bogey. Come to think of it, that would be a pretty good Mount Rushmore of actors. I would make that pilgrimage.

    If you consider the leading women actors… Hepburn, Kidman, Blanchett, and Streep, would make a nice foursome. Of course, that’s off the top of my head, you know, bang, bang, slam bam thank you m’am. Equal pay for equal work. Just the way it oughta be.

    In fact, The Equalizer equalized my equilibrium and now I can completely accept that Ohio State just ate our lunch and it’s time now for the NFL playoffs. I have moved on. The page is turned.

    Still, Alabama should have run the ball down their throat for two and a half quarters which would have opened things up for Amari Cooper, and we could have closed the sale in the last third of that game, and we’d be on to the Fighting Ducks of Nikeville. And I would not have seen The Equalizer yet, which happens to have been filmed in my current hometown of Boston.

    Since The Tide didn’t win, and since I wanted to move on, let the pain go, I went and watched Olympus Has Fallen and White House Down, one right after the other. Olympus was a lot better, but neither one will win a popularity contest, unless it’s just against each other, and then Olympus takes that one. This further helped me clear my head and bring me back to being a reasonable semblance of what I normally pass for.

    It’s not hard to be a Bama fan, but when we lose with such a lousy effort, I have to go to the movies, a triple feature, to make life, once again, worth living. -

    Harry, January 3rd, 2015



  • Some Thoughts and Wishes

    hl3The GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL, Wes Anderson directing, is a wonderful little respite, a magical little movie.

    SONY CAMERA REPAIR is beyond terrible. I love their pro-cameras, but the service department sucks.

    I am going to watch (live probably, or possibly TIVOed) Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin in Times Square on CNN, New Year’s Eve. It is funny, risque, and fascinating every year. I have not yet tired of the interplay between a respected reporter/Anchor and a crazy, funny, free-spirited comedienne.

    I sure like the musical resonance of the accordion. More and more I hear them in the music I listen to, which is primarily “Americana.”

    I recommend Austin SUN RADIO if you are a fan of Americana. Jessie Scott has a show weekdays that reminds me of Cross Country XM 12, the now defunct satellite radio channel that had a cult following, myself among them.

    Thinking about losing weight. Of course I am, it’s New Years. Checked out some elliptical machines and rather liked the NordicTrac A.C.T. Elite from Sears. It turns out that Sears is now the exclusive sales company of all NordicTrac stuff.

    If you have HBO, and if you don’t I recommend it highly; check out the HBO Sports documentary “Glickman.” What a life, what a guy.

    DON LEMON at CNN. I watch CNN regularly and like them. But Don Lemon is less than brilliant. He has minimal grasp of facets of what he is discussing. Good looking guy. Good voice. But he does not ask probing, intelligent followup questions. He is a lightweight without a shred of gravitas or expertise. And he seems to think it’s all about HIM. Don, it isn’t. It’s about the NEWS, the ISSUES, the EVENTS. He needs a lot of seasoning and CNN gives him a prize time slot which he does not merit, at least at this point in his career. May I suggest Jim Schiuto in his place or Hala Gorani, or Candy Crowley, if they can convince her to unretire. I also could recommend Richard Quest. He is bombastic and seems to have swallowed the Energizer bunny, but he knows of what he speaks and he deserves a prime time slot, whereas Don Lemon does not. CNN would be better for reading this blog post.

    I wish you a Happy New Year. A healthy one too. If you have wealth, share some of it with others. If you send some to me, I will be eternally grateful and will try to pay it forward. You will be forever anonymous and unmentioned, but an angel you will be.

    I hope you will love yourself, something I need to be better at doing.
    Good luck in 2015. Let’s be safe out there.
    PO Box 245
    Arlington, MA 02476



  • My 2014 Dear Santa Letter


    These are my Christmas Wishes, my New Years’ Hopes, Etc.

    OK, Santa

    Hopeful Harry writes….
    P1020345I am a long way from perfect, so it’s hard to say precisely whether I’ve been entirely good or bad, naughty or nice. As time passes, I don’t see much in black and white. I see greys, nuances, shadings, gradations, arguments, plusses and minuses in living, in the world, in my life, in the way things are, etc., etc.

    So with random thoughts in my head, maybe a vision of a sugar plum or two, here we go:

    Can we feed everybody. Can’t we end world hunger. I know that’s a biggie Santa, but heroic effort is required. I see this as black and white, no grey area. Starvation shouldn’t happen.

    OK, Santa, ready for more? How about referees not getting assaulted, battered, threatened. Whether it’s pee wee football or FIFA World Cup, fans have to respect the refs, umps, and officials. A lot of us are intensely loyal fans, but I humbly ask that you, dear Santa, bring sanity to the sports world, even though we call ourselves “fans,” which is shorthand for fanatics, which brings into question our sanity; big ask, but a civil society is one of my wishes.

    I wish freedom was available for all that are oppressed.

    I wish freedom was available for all that feel depressed.

    I wish freedom for all that live in fear.

    I wish that the world’s religions could bask in harmony and equality.

    I would like to see illiteracy wiped from the face of the earth.

    Maybe fracking isn’t such a hot idea, Santa. Illness and earthquakes that seem to result, as a by product, are reasons to give pause.

    I wish prescription medicines were available, at no cost, to all of us.

    I wish that we could cure cancer, heart disease, lupus, asthma, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and all known diseases.

    Santa, I think you should promote brussell sprouts as excellent in many ways, and a good source of natural health. A little butter, some chopped garlic, a dash of salt, and you’ve cooked a healthy item. And they’re so easy to eat with your hands. A double bonus.

    I want gender equality to spread around the world. Men and Women equal in societies the world over. That’s another big ask, but you’re a big guy, Santa, so I’m asking you to make it happen.

    I want animals to be treated better. Life is precious. All life. Spread that around Santa; get the word out. Harm an animal, be very unlikely to get into heaven, a concept that may or may not be manmade, but that should be a Commandment everyplace, everywhere.

    I want all the worlds’ children to be loved and raised with kindness and understanding. That is going to be the game changer. Future generations would be less likely to go to war so easily, take from others, do violence, cause mayhem. Kindness and Understanding are right up there near the very top on my list.

    Money. Rich folks should give something back. That gets them bonus points.
    Let’s revere Philanthropists like we do athletes.
    At this time of year, it is a message that should be stressed all year long. Philanthropy, anonymous or otherwise, can cure a lot of unhappiness in the world. So here’s to those that share good fortunes.

    toastyBut Then, Cynical Harry chimes in:

    I dismiss you, Santa Claus. A child’s fantasy. Whimsy.
    But, you can prove to me that you exist.
    I demand that you, Santa-man, show up at my house on Christmas Eve, with a new Ultra High Def 65″ TV.

    Then you better bring along a new 5K 27″ Apple IMAC computer. Load it up with apps, Santa. Get the 3TB version.

    I’ve been good all year (a lie) so I deserve more stuff.

    Bring me a brand new La-Z-Boy electric recliner with auto heat and massage. In fact, give me two of them. One cherry red and one in mustard yellow. Those things can’t be beat for comfort.

    Come to think of it, I could use new wheels. Santa I need a Tesla. Shiny dark blue, cream colored interior. Every options checked.
    I want it ALL. Stat.

    Clausy, stick Bad Santa in my blue tooth player and press “play.” Don’t let the door hit you in the butt on your way out.

    P.S. – IF you actually show up with all of my toys, (which you know I totally deserve), AND there is no MasterCard/AmEx/Visa statement coming; the UHD TV, the Imac, the Tesla, and the La-Z-Boys; if it’s all mine – gratis, compliments of the House…. Santa, if you come through then I promise that I’ll believe in you, Tinkerbell, magic Hobbits, Rudolph with his ruby red nose, and the Jolly Green Giant.

    P1050839Then, Hopeful Harry returns :

    What else would I like for Christmas? Let’s see. What I want for Christmas?…. well, a nice fire in the fireplace. The Kings College Choir singing English carols on the stereo.
    Just a few candles glowing. No presents expected, but perhaps I find something simple, meaningful, given with thought, sitting under the tree.
    A little mulled cider would be nice. I’ll get settled into a comfortable chair and begin to think about it all. Plus all those important wishes to come true in 2015.
    That’s what I want this Christmas, and all my Christmases to come.
    There’s a lot that I believe in. It fills my head with visions of… ..sugar plums.

    Harry, in Boston. 12-23-14



  • Allison Williams’ Peter Pan – My Review

    PETER PAN, a live TV musical. From the book PETER PAN by James Barrie (first published in 1904)

    peterFOUR STARS… I really liked it.

    I remember Mary Martin who, up to now, was the Sean Connery of James Bonds, as Peter Pan. All others were judged by Ms. Martin’s spunky Peter, and I am here to say that ALLISON WILLIAMS is the new standard by which future Peter Pans’ will be judged. She didn’t overact, she sang, acted, and flew with earnest glee. Ms. Williams was engaged, present, in the moment, and it was great to see her meet this challenge and fly.

    When it comes to Captain Hook, alas, I am old enough to remember Cyril Richard, who was villain enough for me. Dustin Hoffman gave an interesting Hook, but Sir Cyril’s performance is what I judge all Hooks by. Christopher Walken came through and was both humerous and treacherous, a fine Hook he was. He too was brilliant.

    The sets were spectacular and entertaining. The costumes were catchy and in keeping. Christian Borle was a rather plastic Father, but he earned his money as Smee. And were those his real arms?  I know the tattoos were fake, but were those guns he sported real?  I had not pictured him pumping iron daily for the past ten years.

    awSuccess as live musical theatre is hard won whenever the rare attempt is mounted. So much can go wrong. But this was superb and rarely bogged down. The Disney Tinkerbell “light trail” was back and I was glad to see “Tink” in high def. The dance choreography was way beyond what I ever expected. It was a tour de force. I have no doubt it will soon be on Broadway and win Tony after Tony.

    Allison Williams welcome to the Big Time. Your good old Dad must be very, very proud. Good for you Allison.  Good for you NBC, you should be, well, proud as a peacock.

    It was a flying success.  FYI, for young and old alike, the DVD becomes available everywhere on December 16th. – Harry



  • Obama, The Republican Congress, and the 2016 elections

    The next two years are going to be interesting and likely very frustrating for many of us as a Republican Congress and a Democratic President try to find common ground and an end to the gridlock in Washington. Will that common ground lead to beneficial legislation? Probably not is the short version answer. Will legislation get passed and not be vetoed by Obama? Are we in for two more years of gridlock? How will the 2016 election go. Who will the Dems nominate? Who will the Republicans nominate? Who will become the 45th President of the United States?

    Well, let me tell you what I think is going to happen. The democrats will try to use the lame duck Congress to get some things done. There will be intense pushback from the Republican leadership. Will the President use Executive Orders on immigration, among other things?

    Here is my take: I believe that the “well” is already poisoned and that President Obama will use Executive Order in the lame duck weeks between now and the new Congress reconvening in January.

    Then as 2015 unfolds, I think Obama will, as his final two years in office begin, get off to the rockiest of starts, and be under constant and withering attack from Republicans. You can expect Ted Cruz to ratchet up his demagoguery. As Obama sees the writing on the wall, he will decide to go it alone, seek no compromise with Congress, and both threaten, and ultimately use his veto powers. T

    The plot will thicken when calls for impeachment echo, and the Repubs open hearings on Benghazi and on Obamacare, which I have no doubt they will do. Benghazi, of course, involves then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, who many feel will be the Democratic nominee in the 2016 elections.

    In my opinion, as these hearings become increasingly strident and accusatory, in a surprise to many, the President will, at some point, find his courage and pull Excalibur from the lake or stone (I forget which it is). The once eloquent “Obama the Orator,” circa 2007, will emerge to climb on his donkey (to mix metaphor and literature) and go into full battle mode to defend his presidency and his legacy. It will be great political theatre that is as important as can be for the immediate future of the Country. Both sides will go to DefCon 5 as the slings and arrows fly.

    Now, as to the nominations and 2016 Presidential Elections get under way and campaign season gets into full swing, the Benghazi hearings will be an attempt to damage Hillary and affect her chances in 2016, as Republicans chip away at both Clintons.

    As a fan of VP Biden (His fan club consists of me, his wife Jill, and I don’t know who else, but not many), Joe will use his considerable skill and do himself a lot of good as he seeks the Presidency in 2016. Hillary will be constantly under attack and it will hurt her as the months drag out.

    I don’t know who Dems will choose, but Biden will make a strong case for himself. His obvious ties to the S.S. Obama won’t hurt him as much as some may think, because Joe can think on his feet and even though he has his “mouth moments,” he is nobody’s fool, and Joe has some statesmanship in his blood. He is a foreign policy expert and knows Congress very well. I would never bet against Joe Biden, who may very well become President Biden, to the surprise of most, but not me.

    I think this will become possible when Mitch and the Repubs will overplay their hand going after Obama and Hillary. There will be dark days ahead for the Dems, no doubt, but the internecine warfare between Tea Party Repubs and more mainstream Repubs will escalate. Sarah Palin and the Crazies will be heard from again. Michelle Bachman where are you?

    To my mind, there are only three possible Republican presidential nominees. It’s going to be either Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, or Rand Paul. The Dems will choose between Clinton and Biden.

    I think the Republican nominee will be Jeb Bush, with either Chris Christie or Rand Paul as his vice president.

    The Democratic ticket will be Biden as President and Elizabeth Warren as Veep.

    Here’s a news flash: The Dems will win again in 2016. The president will be Joe Biden and Senator Warren will become the vice president.

    That is how I see it, as of now, November 6, 2014.




    You know, I kinda fell in love with you, circa “Jerry Maguire” and later, you did brilliant work in “Cold Mountain.” “Fetching” was your middle name; You were the tomboyish girl who lived next door. You were a little goofy, but there was sex appeal and you looked like you might be a lot of fun afterward. It’s fair to say that you were a fantasy that seemed possible, plausible, perhaps even likely. You had that every girl appeal and it was very convincing and sexual. 

    You might not remember me, but I had a glimpse when you rode past in a convertible on a cold winter’s day, as the Hasty Pudding Woman of the Year, in Cambridge, just a few years ago. You looked good. I could tell that you were freezing your ass off. In person, you looked like yourself. I was freezing my ass off too. We had that in common on the day we sort of met. You were Dorothy Boyd in the flesh…only with goosebumps.

    I’ve got nothing against plastic surgery but you look, well, like somebody else. You look nothing like Dorothy Boyd now. You exude a distant sexiness, but the fantasy is Mission Impossible for most red blooded males, myself included. You have gone from Labrador Retriever to Borzoi. I’m a Lab kinda guy, Renee. We’ve drifted apart. Face it, you’ve changed.

    Taking things so far that you are almost unrecognizable to an old friend like me is unsettling. You now have a vaguely haughty and disinterested look. Jaded, nonchalant and detached. I guess you can audition for that Hepburn role you must have been fantasizing about.

    Sorry to say, but you no longer are the girl we had grown accustomed to; and liked. Rex Harrison would be muttering and stuttering. C’mon RZ, what does it feel like to look yourself in the mirror and not see someone familiar? You don’t have to answer that, and it’s just my opinion, but I liked you best when you lived next door to me.

  • Harry on Hunting

    HUNTING? – I do not cotton to the idea of hunting, per se. The notion of hunting for “mon plaisir” doesn’t make it anything close to “sporting,” even if a small chunk of the population finds it “pleasurable.” It is a damn shame and a damn lie to say that hunting is sport. My guess is that most deer and a goodly number of ducks agree with me.

    Looky, it’s great fun to be outdoors, weather permitting; and there are those occasions where I like tromping through the woods, even if said tromping is tempered by the artificiality of my knees. And I have actually hunted a few times in my reckless past, always by invitation from parents of friends, in my younger days. I get the thrill of the chase, as they say. For the record, I never chased anything, or fired my weapon, neither have I been hunting when anybody else did. I’m cool with walking around in the deep dark woods for hours.

    rabOn the one occasion that I was invited to a deer hunt, others, not in my “party,” killed deer aplenty. I have seen them being bled out, hanging there, dead and all, as trophies for us to see. There is a ritual where a hunter is slathered in the blood of his first killed deer. Truly pagan and probably historic social anthropology as practiced for all millennia. I just didn’t need to see it.

    Notwithstanding the above, I actually find no fault with some of the trappings – the LL Bean boots with their lifetime guarantee, a rifle slung, Che Guevara-style, over the shoulder; or an unhinged, safety-breaked shotgun in hand, and a crackling campfire that a November afternoon can offer. It is good to be out in nature, away from it all, from time to time. All that I do get.

    What seems irretrievably wrong, to me, is pulling the trigger or letting loose the taut-drawn bow to kill. Being out in nature is one thing. Killing Nature is another. How sporting is it to kill an unsuspecting animal, or duck/bird? Hunters will say sporting enough. I don’t draw that conclusion. – Harry Lipson III
    ps- if you truly need to hunt to put food on your table, then I can live with that, even if what you kill can’t.



  • How and Why I Know Roy Blount, Jr., which I Do

    OK so,back around 1975, I read Roy Blount, Jr.’s first book, Three Bricks Shy of A Load, which if I recall was about the NFL Pittsburgh Steelers and the Rooney family that owned that ball club. I had been reading a lot of Dan Jenkins’ stuff around that time, and I found that I liked Roy about the same as Dan.

    Long story short, I became an event producer in Boston in the early 1980s and I went on to produce several events that Roy was invited to participate in, and did.  Since Roy and I are both from the Deep South,  we talked a lot about food and football, which is what Southerners often do when they first meet in a place like Boston, or elsewhere.

    Roy is a good guy, in case you didn’t know.  Real humble, pretty smart, and he generally tells a good story.  All laudable Southern traits.

    Now fast forward to early this morning.   I had been “working” on my computer, mostly seeking new FaceBook friends, and after a while I headed over to Amazon.com to find a book to make me sleepy when I read in bed.

    For reasons that are beyond me, perhaps it was a higher power, I ended up ordering another one of Roy’s books; this one about the legendary Confederate GeneraI, Robert E. Lee of Virginia.

    After buying the paperback version, I went back to FaceBooking (a phrase I have just now invented, and want full credit for.  If you can copyright a phrase, then I hereby do it  You are my witness).

    Anyhow, I went back to FaceBooking and I stumbled onto the RBJASFB page:  The Roy Blount, Jr. Appreciation Society FaceBook page.  How’s that for coincidence.

    royI have for many years been in possession of a photo of Roy Blount, Jr. and yours truly, which  I offered it up to The Cause, that being, the Appreciation Society of one of Society’s underappreciated former sportswriters, the aforementioned Mr. Jr. himself.  They immediately accepted my photo and published it.  Then they wanted to know how every member of the club came to appreciate Roy.  Someone went first and then things just sat there, so I assumed it was my “turn to go” and that’s how we end up here, with me telling them How and Why I Know Roy Blount, Jr., which my photograph almost certainly proves.

    Since early childhood, in Alabama, I have been vividly aware of, and surely inspired by General Robert E. Lee.  Coincidentally, when I was a little bit younger, a bookmaker I knew called me LightHorse Harry or, more frequently, just LightHorse.  I actually had never been given a nickname before, and I kinda liked LightHorse Harry, partially because the original LightHorse was General LightHorse Harry Lee, who as it turns out was Robert E. Lee’s daddy.  That is the same Robert E. Lee that Roy Blount, Jr. wrote a book about, which I bought, as you know, as a sleep aid.

    As a footnote, Lighthorse Harry Lee was actually named Henry, but Lighthorse Henry didn’t have that revolutionary ring to it.  So its a small world, and Southerners tend to stick together when they’re not seceding.  I hope you see the coincidence or irony here and let there be no doubt that I am the inventor of the English word “FaceBooking” which refers to spending time, of any length, on FaceBook.  And that is How and Why I know Roy Blount, Jr., who has his own FaceBook fan club.  –   Yours truly, LightHorse Harry Lipson III, in Boston, 8-23-14.



  • Football: A Commentary

    I write this in response to a Boston Globe columnist’s article calling for phasing out of football and arguing that we should not watch football on TV any longer.
    The columnist correctly pointed out the issue of concussions and injuries in football.

    My response: Your article about the traumatic realities of football is accepted science.
    HOWEVER, AND IN SPITE OF IT ALL, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE AND LOOK FORWARD TO WATCHING AMERICAN COLLEGE AND PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL, both in person and most especially on HD color TV, in living color as the old TV slogan goes. I just can’t help myself. Football games are too colorful, exciting, interesting, compelling, spellbinding, wonderful, heart pounding, jump out of your La Z Boy enjoyable.

    We are all voyeurs. And I don’t watch football to see anyone get hurt. Injuries happen and brain injuries are a reality. I recognize the danger but I don’t accept personal responsibility for watching football. That is the disconnect. I get that it can be dangerous. I acknowledge your science. I buy that football can be linked to the Roman Circus. I understand the psychology and the human nature of Spectacle. Football, however, is not bloodsport, per se. I draw a line between the two.

    Professional bicycling is dangerous. Watch the Tour de France. Professional soccer is full of intentional contact with the aim to hurt your opponent. I give you the World Cup, for example. Skiing is inherently dangerous. Men’s lacrosse is no walk in the park either.

    I don’t apologize for football or my love of it. I don’t think I have to rationalize that. I don’t think I need to apologize for that. I don’t think football should be be turned into some sort of non-contact ballet. I do think that safer equipment and rules modifications which improve safety are important and ongoing. I’m not going to quit loving football. I revel in the history of college football, the fight songs, the uniforms, the halftime speeches, and the legacies of the great players and coaches. Roll Tide Roll. Go Patriots. Rah, Rah, Rah, Boola Boola, Sis Boom Bah, Dot the I, On Wisconsin, All the Live Long Day.

    The world wide popularity of sport is, in general, a good thing. It brings us together. We learn to respect rivalry. In general, War is a bad thing. Therein lies the difference. Football is a game with rules and the contests are officiated.

    If you want to vent, may I suggest railing against hunting, for example, where the object is to kill an animal or a bird. Hunting for pleasure is not sport, nor is it sporting. I don’t have a problem with hunting for food. Culling of herds is occasionally necessary. It’s great fun to be outdoors. I get the thrill of the chase, having hunted occasionally in my past. I like the whole deal except for pulling the trigger or drawing the bow. To me, it’s not justifiable, to kill for sport.




Guy Clark

” Texas Cookin’ ” LIVE by Guy Clark

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gcgcDamn, when you start to get up there in years, and you are Guy Clark;  people get all mushy, and you hear things like “national treasure.”  I know that Guy cringes when he hears that shit and I know that he hears it plenty.

Well, he is treasured, this Texan gone to Tennessee.  He ain’t so famous as Willie.   But them that know;  them that love the songs and their Texan songwriters, they all will agree that Guy Clark should be in the pantheon of Texas music and Texas musicians.

Guy has recorded a bunch of version of Texas Cookin’    This is the one I like best.  – Harry Lipson

“The Guitar” by Ramblin’ Jack Elliott

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My old friend, Jack Elliott was one of the stars who showed up to fete Guy and Susannah Clark on Guy’s 70% of the way to 100 birthday.  All of the music was Guy’s and the talent list was a mile deep.  This is a special song, one of those Guy tunes that probably just about wrote itself.  We all respect what Guy can do with a pen in hand, and that got me to thinking about Jack Elliott.

Jack is under appreciated, semi respected, and generally overlooked by far too many of us.  He was a true disciple of Woody Guthrie and did some hard travelin’ with Woodrow.  Not many can say that.  Pete can, and a few others, but the list has dwindled down to less than a handful.  I had the pleasure of presenting Jack in concert way back when, (and a handful of Guy Clark shows too) and Jack stayed at my house for about a month,  (my wife calls him “Non-Ramblin’ Jack”) so I got to know him a little and pick his brains with questions about his life and Woody, Bob, Cisco, et al.  Both Guy and Jack are heroes to many, myself amongst em.

So here’s to you Guy.  And here’s to you Mr. Elliott.  Jack’s here now and it’s time to give him his due too.

The Guitar” is a great Guy Clark song and Jack Elliott does it proud.  I hope you enjoy it ’cause it’s the Song of the Day at HarryShots.   HL

“Tennessee Blues” by Steve Earle

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listening is free and encouraged.  if you also want to buy the mp3, click here

Once in a while, I gotta go to my favorite player, so today, it’s “Tennessee Blues” which was written and is performed by Steve Earle.  Those not familiar with Steve Earle will find certain truths that make him who he is in the fact that he is a Texan, living for the past 35+ years in Nashville;  has had seven marriages to six women, been in jail for heroin posession, sang back up on Guy Clark’s “Desperado’s Waitin’ For A Train” with Emmylou, was a friend to Townes Van Zandt, and his son Justin Townes Earle is a singer songwriter as well.  Guy Clark, Emmylou Harris, Townes Van Zandt, and Steve Earle all played for FolkTree (my concert company) way back when, and my memories of them are each varied and wonderful.

Steve Earle is a songwriter’s songwriter and a musician’s musician, as well as a political activist.  He wears his music and his heart on his sleeve.  He is the best of the best in my opinion.  Hope you like ‘Tennessee Blues” a Steve Earle tune and the Song of the Day.  HL

“She Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere” by Guy Clark

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Well my old friend.  I wish you a happy 70th birthday.  Ain’t no better writer of songs than you, Guy.  The shows you did for FolkTree all had a bit of magic to them, which you were always pretty good at doin’.  “Texas, 1947″, “Desperados”, “Homegrown Tomatoes”, “Randall Knife”, “L.A. Freeway”, “Texas Cookin’ “, the list is long and you wrote ‘em all.

Today’s HarryShots Song of the Day is Guy Clark’s “She Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere.”  Check out the lyrics if you are new to Guy Clark.  Then you’ll know.

Wish I could have been in Austin for the concert and the afterparty.

Happy Birthday, Guy.  HL

The Quotes of "Whatever"

  • All an actor has is their blind faith that they are who they say they are today, in any scene.” – Meryl Streep


  • Whatever you are, be a good one.” – Abraham Lincoln


    The HarryShots Quotes of Whatever


  • Electricity is really just organized lightning” - George Carlin


    from the HarryShots.com Quotes of Wha


  • Republicans have been accused of abandoning the poor. It’s the other way around. They never vote for us.” – former Vice President Dan Quayle (Republican)


  • Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint.” – Mark Twain


  • I don’t believe you have to be better than everybody else. I believe you have to be better than you ever thought you could be.” – Ken Venturi, U.S. Open Golf Champion


  • My grandmother started walking five miles a day when she was sixty. She’s ninety-seven now, and we don’t know where the hell she is.” – Ellen Degeneres


  • “Believe you can, and you’re half way there.”Teddy Roosevelt



    The HarryShots Quotes of Whatever


  • Confidence is what you have before you understand the problem.” ― Woody Allen


  • Being invited to travel roads less taken, is like the gods asking you to dance.” - Tom Robbins (as recollected)


    The HarryShots Quotes of Whatever


  • The magic doesn’t come from within the director’s mind, it comes from within the hearts of the actors.” – James Cameron


  • I am fond of pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals.” – Winston Churchill


  • Looking foolish does the spirit good. The need not to look foolish is one of youth’s many burdens; as we get older we are exempted from more and more.” – John Updike


  • Only in darkness are you able to see the stars” – Martin Luther King, Jr.


    The HarryShots Quotes of Whatever


  • I am not a cat man, but a dog man, and all felines can tell this at a glance – a sharp, vindictive glance.” – James Thurber


  • Tears are often the telescope by which men see far into heaven” – Henry Ward Beecher


  • How much easier it is to be critical than to be correct.” – Benjamin Disraeli


  • lumaAn eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind” - Mahatma Gandhi



    …from the harryShots.com “Quotes of Whatever”


  • Never allow a person to tell you no who doesn’t have the power to say yes” - Eleanor Roosevelt

    The HarryShots Quotes of Whatever


  • Imagination is more important than knowledge.” – Albert Einstein


  • “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it”Maya Angelou


    The HarryShots Quotes of Whatever


  • A synonym is a word you use when you can’t spell the word you first thought of


    The HarryShots Quotes of Whatever


  • The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read.” ― Mark Twain


  • I have six locks on my door all in a row. When I go out, I lock every other one. I figure no matter how long somebody stands there picking the locks, they are always locking three.” – Elaine Boosler


  • It’s a rare person who wants to hear what he doesn’t want to hear.” – Dick Cavett


  • James Hood Was Here

    FosterIt is reported that James Hood died today. from THE TUSCALOOSA NEWS 1-17-2013:-

    { “James Hood, who faced down George Wallace’s stand in the schoolhouse door to help integrate the University of Alabama 50 years ago, died Thursday afternoon at the age of 70, in his hometown of Gadsden. James did a great thing for the University of Alabama,” said E. Culpepper Clark, former dean of UA’s College of Communication & Information Sciences, and author of “The Schoolhouse Door: Segregation’s Last Stand at the University of Alabama.”

    “With Vivian Malone, he liberated the university to serve all the people of Alabama and thereby join the ranks of the nation’s flagship universities.”

    Hood and Vivian Malone Jones, who died in 2005, attempted to register and pay fees June 11, 1963, at UA’s Foster Auditorium, accompanied by Deputy Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbach. Gov. George Wallace, surrounded by a phalanx of state troopers, barred them, attempting to keep his infamous inaugural promise of “segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever.” Later that day, Wallace backed down after President John F. Kennedy federalized the National Guard. }

    JAMES HOOD WAS HERE. Thank you Sir. Lord, may he rest in peace.HL


  • “If a man does his best, what else is there?” – General George S. Patton


  • My books are like water; those of the great geniuses are wine. (Fortunately) everybody drinks water.” – Mark Twain

    …from The HarryShots.com “Quotes”


  • If you’re quiet, you’re not living. You’ve got to be noisy and colorful and lively.” – Mel Brooks


  • pigProcrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday



    from the HarryShots.com Quotes of Whatever


  • Vegetarian – that’s an old Indian word meaning lousy hunter.” – Andy Rooney


  • The quickest way to a man’s heart is through his chest.” – Roseanne Barr


  • I am easily satisfied with the very best” – Sir Winston Churchill



    the HarryShots Quotes of Whatever


  • Sometime the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.” - Dr. Seuss


  • I like whiskey. I always did, and that is why I never drink it.” — General Robert E. Lee


  • There are three types of people in this world. Those who can count, and those who can’t.


    The HarryShots Quotes of Whatever


  • First you forget names, then you forget faces. Next you forget to pull your zipper up, and finally you forget to pull it down.” – George Burns - on aging


    The HarryShots Quotes of Whatever


  • The quickest way to double your money is to fold it over and put it back in your pocket“. – Will Rogers


  • Time is nature’s way of keeping everything from happening at once.” – Woody Allen


  • A star on a movie set is like a time bomb. That bomb has got to be defused so people can approach it without fear.” – Jack Nicholson


  • You don’t stop laughing because you grow old. You grow old because you stop laughing.” – Michael Pritchard


    The HarryShots Quotes of Whatever


  • In the beginning there was nothing. God said, ‘Let there be light!’ And there was light. There was still nothing, but you could see it a whole lot better.” - Ellen Degeneres


  • Let me tell you the one thing I have against Moses. He took us forty years into the desert in order to bring us to the one place in the Middle East that has no oil!” ― Golda Meir, former Israeli Prime Minister


  • Health food may be good for the conscience but Oreos taste a hell of a lot better.” – Robert Redford


  • When someone tells you that nothing is impossible, ask them to dribble a football


    The HarryShots Quotes of WhAtEvEr


  • Happiness doesn’t depend on any external conditions, it is governed by our mental attitude” – Dale Carnegie

    The HarryShots Quotes of Whatever


  • It’s kind of a masterpiece, man. It’s like The Godfather – I see it on the tube and I think I’m just going to watch a couple of scenes, but I end up watching the whole thing.” – Jeff Bridges, “The Dude,” regarding The Big Lebowski


  • If you’re always battling against getting older, you’re always going to be unhappy, because it’s going to happen anyhow.” – Mitch Albom


  • chGreat minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people” – Eleanor Roosevelt

    The HarryShots.com Quotes


  • Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work. – Vince Lombardi


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